Anti Oxidant Power

The AOP start-up company was created in 2017 as a result of 8 years of contract research collaborations between public organizations (LAAS/CNRS, Pharmadev/IRD/UPS) and private laboratories. Based on a unique know-how, these R&D programmes led to the conception, demonstration and operational development of a new range of innovative biotech services.

The launch of a biotech company project crystallised in 2017 on the basis of a novel and mature technology and the will of 4 partners: Philippe Péligri (investor), Laurent Massol (industrial), Patrick Garres (market expert) and Christophe Furger (biology PhD, technology inventor, creator of biotech start-ups).

The company customizes its services to the needs of cosmetics, agro-food, and pharmaceutical industries. AOP provides services (AOP 1 and AOP 2) demonstrating the antioxidant capacity of ingredients, active substances, and finished or semi-finished products on live cell models. Supported by a patented, standardized, robust, and high throughput test method, the expertise provided by AOP is a première at the international level.

In the medium term, AOP foresees responding industrial high throughput needs by providing dedicated consumable kits and equipment targeting big pharma, cosmetics, and feed & food companies.

Our vision

We think that demonstrating effects at the cell level is an essential step to acquire valuable information on antioxidant actual effect on human beings. Biochemical in vitro assays developed during the 80-90s, such as ORAC, have become obsolete and discredited by various international health monitoring authorities, mainly because they do not inform about the physiological functions of antioxidants. On the other end, epidemiologic studies realised on various human populations – from which conclusions on the benefits of antioxidants remain still controversial – are correlative and not causative, and again do not reflect human antioxidant effects.

Based on its dedicated cellular approach, AOP intends to fill this technological gap, and also to establish a reliable demonstration providing industrials with a high level information about the antioxidant effects their products exert.

Aop Anti Oxidant Power