AOP RD : Research & Development

RD 1 : Implementation of customized cell models or cell culture supports

If you are interested in testing your samples on specific cell models or on more complex cell culture supports such as 3D (skin for example), multi-layer or organotypic (mimicking an organ cell heterogeneity), we develop and adapt experiment procedures for your need. We can also write and submit scientific manuscripts describing the results of the study.

RD 2: Screening campaigns

You own a compound library? You are interested in screening the whole or part of it to identify hit and lead compounds? We can perform screening campaigns comprising a first screen of the whole compounds at one dose followed by a complete dose-effect study of the identified hits (AOP-1 and -2 services).

RD 3: Follow-up of industrial processes – Quality control

You are interested in the follow-up of the antioxidant properties of your product during its industrial processing? We can collect samples and assay their antioxidant status at any key step of the process.